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Ted Giannoulas

Known as the "Famous Chicken", Ted Giannoulas revolutionized "in-game" entertainment with his clever comedy routines. Beginning in the 1970s, dressed in a giant yellow chicken suit, Ted's antics revitalized attendance in San Diego and led to many other teams introducing mascots to entertain fans. He was the first, he remains the best, and he shares with us a laugh-filled episode of his zany career. Join us for a totally cracked-up listen!

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Jason Turbow

TheyBledBlueArtist Name
00:00 / 50:21

Award-winning author, Jason Turbow, shares a conversation with host and former Dodgers photographer, Rich Kee. They discuss the 1981 Dodger championship season in where Turbow chronicles in his book, "They Bled Blue," a season that Turbow poignantly describes as "Fernandomania, strike-season mayhem, and the weirdest championship baseball had ever seen.

Carl Erskine

Carl Oisk ErskineArtist Name
00:00 / 24:18

"The Boys of Summer." Most of you have heard the phrase. You don't have to be old to appreciate that remarkable era of baseball...just be a fan of the game no matter what your age. I enjoyed the privilege of sitting down with one of the last remaining members of that exclusive Brooklyn fraternity, Carl Erskine.

Nicknamed "Oisk", Carl is 93 years young, and we had a terrific time having a conversation about Brooklyn in the fifties and his cherished teammates...iconic players you would know simply by their first names; Jackie, Duke, Pee Wee, Campy, and so many more. Carl said that he thoroughly enjoyed our conversation...for me, I came away with goosebumps.

Gillian Larson

GillianLarsonFINALArtist Name
00:00 / 32:18

Gillian Larson inspires. Listen to her story at your own risk. Be prepared to want to take on this zany world of ours with a new refreshed attitude. We discuss her experience on CBS's Survivor and more importantly what that led to. It directed Gillian to an ongoing mission of support for those impacted by cancer. You will enjoy the listen...and yes, you will be inspired.

Jerry Reuss

Jerry Reuss Final File Size ReducedJerry Reuss
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Jerry Reuss pitched in the Major Leagues for 22 years He played for eight teams which included the St. Louis Cardinals, the Astros, the Pirates, the Dodgers, the Reds, the Angels, the White Sox, the Brewers and finished with the Pirates. He won 220 games, threw a no-hitter, played in two All-Star games and pitched in the World Series for the Dodgers.

Since his retirement as an active player, he has worked in broadcasting as a color analyst for ESPN, the Anaheim Angels and since 2006, Jerry has been in the major leagues working radio and TV for the Dodger broadcasts east of Colorado. Based in Las Vegas, Jerry has done radio and television work (analyst and play by play) for the Las Vegas Stars (now 51’s) in the Pacific Coast League.

Jerry's biography "Bring in the Right Hander" is available on Amazon as well as

Andy Strasberg

00:00 / 49:48

In his 22 years with the San Diego Padres, Andy Strasberg established himself as one of the sports world's most innovative marketers.  We discuss his amazing friendship with Roger Maris and sport's greatest mascot, San Diego's Famous Chicken. Join us for a memorable conversation with a special individual...Andy Strasberg. 


Fred Claire

Former Dodgers' General ManagerFred Claire
00:00 / 51:43

Former Los Angeles Dodger GM, Fred Claire, sits down with Rich Kee to share his storied career with the Dodgers to his present day battle against cancer. You will be taken behind the scenes to learn the anatomy of major baseball trades, memorable baseball stories never before told, the honor of being a member of the iconic O'Malley organization and finally the thrill of winning a World Series Championship in 1988.


Claire candidly speaks about his greatest challenge, battling cancer and his ongoing attempt to bring awareness to cancer prevention. The book,"Extra Innings" by Tim Madigan, recently released on Amazon, chronicles Fred's baseball career and cancer journey. Claire's efforts today are to give back by highlighting the amazing medical advancements at City of Hope, the medical center that he credits, in large part, for saving his life. 

Extra Innings by Tim Madigan link: 

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