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Ted Giannoulas ... today

Talk about an Only in America success story, one has to look no further than--of all things--a guy who dons a chicken suit for fun and notoriety.

The Famous Chicken, also known commonly as The San Diego Chicken, has reached icon status as a sports and entertainment personality throughout the nation and the world. In his element as an outrageous comic actor, he's as unique and gifted a humorist as any stage has ever seen.

Perhaps in another era, the role of The Chicken could've been played by Harpo Marx, Peter Sellers, Robin Williams or other physical comedians. Still, there'd be debate if even those comic greats could've pulled off the live performances in a real world setting that Ted Giannoulas crafts every night he covers himself in costume.



The most creative and dedicated fan of the game that I know is former San Diego Padres executive, Andy Strasberg. Andy, a very close friend of Ted who produced many of the memorable events involving the Famous Chicken, including the unforgettable "Re-Hatching Night" facilitated my shoot with Ted.


Andy and I mulled over ideas of how to capture him in a setting never done before. Didn't take Andy long before he said "Let's take him back to his old neighborhood...where he was born and grew up, the egg farm!" Ted was all game and we never stopped laughing throughout the shoot. I told Ted this is the first portrait that I wasn't concerned about expression. Memorable is an understatement for this shoot. Pictured from left to right: Andy Strasberg and Ted Giannoulas.


Rare is such a fine craftsman as Rich Kee, whose every picture tells a story. Bravo, sir.

Ted Giannoulas

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