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Meet the Speaker

Richard Kee is one of Southern California's most recognized sports photographers and storytellers. Richard served as the official team photographer for the Los Angeles Dodgers during the 70/80's. His ability to make a lasting connection with audiences, coupled with his wit and energy, make him an exceptional guest speaker.


"Virtually Designed" Presentations

For Your Service Organization

In today's challenging times, we have designed a condensed, yet powerful, live virtual presentation of Richard's iconic Dodger images and the heartwarming stories behind them, packaged into a striking twenty-minute conversation to your audience. Your organization doesn't have to be baseball fans to not only enjoy but embrace his heartfelt images and touching stories involving national figures like Lasorda, Garvey, Fernando, and yes, even Vin Scully.

In addition to making himself available for a Q & A afterward, you will be provided with a refined video of Richard's session for you to share with members unable to attend.

Kind words...

"Rich's lens, like no other, captures the soul of his subject, their life and the games they play." - Steve Garvey, Hall of Fame bound MLB ballplayer

"Baseball is unto itself a beautiful art form. Combine the unique artistry of visionary photographer Rich Kee and you have magic, some of which we have proudly featured here at the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown." - Tim Mead, President of the Baseball Hall of Fame

"Rich, thank you so much for always bringing the past along through your memorable photographs." - Vin Scully, Hall of Fame broadcaster

"After a long front of many lenses...these are simply the best photos of me ever done." - Fritz Coleman, acclaimed NBC weathercaster and comedian


The Los Angeles Dodgers are the talk of the town...treat your audience to someone that captured a special period of its history.

Richard Kee


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