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Steve Garvey ... today

Steve Garvey - a name synonymous with excellence and success. One of baseball's most popular and durable players during one of baseball's greatest eras, he is known to even the most casual of baseball fans everywhere. A ten time All Star and 1974 National League MVP, Steve is destined for enshrinement at Cooperstown.

Starring for the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Diego Padres in his remarkable career, Steve was nicknamed the "Iron Man" for setting the National League consecutive games record with 1,207 straight.

Simply put, Garv was a complete player - equally adept with the bat and glove - hitting for average and power to go along with his nearly flawless defense. He's now recognized as one of the most sought after public speakers in the sports industry.

The following photo session took place at our old playground...Dodger Stadium.



1982 proved to be Steve's final season as a Dodger. His final game as a member of the Blue Crew at Dodger Stadium drew a great deal of attention, especially by credentialed photographers wanting to capture that one special image to visually tell the story.


With the field and dugout filled with media anticipating his arrival for batting practice I decided to attempt my shot before the chaos began. I simply positioned myself inside at the top of the tunnel leading from the clubhouse down to the dugout. Steve appeared, we exchanged some good wishes for the game ahead and I waited til he walked under the overhead light.


I knew I had my shot...a bittersweet image in that it signified the ending of a special working relationship with one of the most popular Dodgers to ever wear the uniform. Fortunately though for me, our friendship continues to this day.

Rich’s lens, like no other, captures the soul of his subject,

their life and the games they play.


Steve Garvey

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